Honda Announces Major Increase in Bike Prices

Atlas Honda has announced its first price increase for 2022, following Yamaha in a series of quarterly price increases across the board.

The prices have been increased by up to Rs. 9,400, according to a recent update. The following are the new prices for all Honda motorcycles, which are effective immediately:

MotorbikeOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 7094,90097,9003,000
CD  70 Dream101,500104,5003,000
Honda Pridor130,500133,9003,400
CG 125152,500155,9003,400
CG 125 SE182,000185,5003,500
CB 125F218,500227,9009,400
CB 150F277,500286,9009,400

The Honda CD-70, the most basic mode of transportation, now costs around Rs. 100,000, which is a disturbing realization.

Despite another price hike and no product improvements, Atlas Honda will continue to dominate the Pakistani motorcycle market.

The competition in the local bike industry is insignificant, despite the fact that technically savvy and enthusiastic buyers are turning to other products. In comparison, the vast majority of people simply want to get basic transportation vehicles.  

Atlas Honda will continue to be a favorite among such buyers, as the company continues to profit from the sale of barebones but overpriced motorcycles.

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