World War III will Start From No-Fly Zone in Ukraine: US Senator

Allowing a no-fly zone in Ukraine would trigger World War III, according to US Senator Marco Rubio, and people need to understand what a no-fly zone is.

Senator Marco Rubio of the United States said in a statement that Russia’s imposition of a no-fly zone over Ukraine during the conflict could lead to a third world war. “What is a no-fly zone?” you might wonder. “It’s necessary for people to understand,” he insisted.

“This is not a code that you have to pass; everyone has to respect it,” the US Senator added in a statement. The power to shoot down Russian planes attacking Ukraine is referred to as the no-fly zone.

Continuing to import oil from Russia, according to the senator, means providing funds for the war in Ukraine. “The downing of Russian planes could lead to a third world war if a no-fly zone is allowed in Ukraine,” he said.

Russia’s alleged military operation against Ukraine, on the other hand, is still ongoing. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky has stated that we will pursue war criminals to their deaths. “Russia must be held accountable for killing civilians on purpose,” he said.

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