Overseas Pakistanis Allowed to Use Mobile Phones Without PTA Tax for 4 Months

The government of Pakistan has allowed overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals to use mobile phones without PTA tax for four months.

To address the concerns of overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals about blocking mobile phones, the FBR and PTA, in collaboration with the FIA ​​and mobile phone operators, have come up with a new temporary registration system, according to an FBR statement.

Introduced this new system is designed for overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals who do not want to keep their mobile devices in Pakistan and only one mobile phone will be applicable to them.

To avail of this facility, the applicant has to provide passport number, date of arrival and departure to Pakistan, mobile SIM, and IMEI of the mobile.

120 days after the applicant’s stay, the IMEI number used under this facility will be suspended and will not be used on local phone network services.

According to the FBR, if the same applicant travels to Pakistan again, they will have to re-apply for this temporary facility.

This system will not only facilitate overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals on a temporary basis but will also bring out the positive side of the country.

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