Lumpy Skin-Infected Animal Meat or Milk is Not Harmful to Human Health

The Ministry of National Food Security has confirmed that lumpy skin disease in animals has no adverse effects on human health.

According to Express-News, the Ministry of National Food Security issued a statement regarding the spread of limp skin disease in cattle, stating that the disease has been found in animals in Bahawalpur, Karachi, Jamshoro, Hyderabad, and Thatta.

According to the National Food Security, Lampy Skin did not affect human health, and the disease cannot be shifted from animals to humans. Well-boiled milk and well-cooked meat of infected cattle are safe for humans to eat.

The statement said that the Animal Husbandry Commissioner has written a letter to the provinces to take steps to control the spread of Lumpy Skin, a pre-existing sheep and goat vaccine.

Lampy skin in animals is caused by a virus and is spread by mosquito, fly, and bedbug bites, National Food Security said. The statement further explains that the government is making urgent arrangements to import a Lumpy Skin Vaccine.

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