Man Implanted With Pig Heart Dies After Two Months Due to Surgical Failure

David Bennett, the first person to receive a genetically modified heart pig, died nearly two months later due to surgical complications. Surgeons at a Maryland hospital announced today that a patient with terminal heart disease only lived for two months.

David Bennett, 57, was the first person to have his failing heart replaced with a pig in a medical procedure that made headlines and was hailed as groundbreaking.

According to international media reports, the deceased agreed to receive the modified pig’s heart after being rejected from several human heart waiting lists. The man died a few days after his health became worse.

Meanwhile, because there was no obvious cause of death at the time of his death, it is unknown whether his body rejected the organ of a four-legged omnivore.

Surgeons will conduct a thorough examination of the body because the results of a peer-reviewed study will most likely be published in a medical journal.

The man had surgery in January of this year, while he was spending time with his family and watching TV serials.
Previously, the historic surgical procedure was described as ground-breaking because medical professionals hoped to solve the organ shortage crisis. Although pigs have been used in medicine, transplanting whole organs is said to be more difficult than using highly processed tissue.

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