Meezan Bank launches ‘Meezan Mobile Tap & Go’ – Mobile-based Contactless Payments for its Customers

Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank, recently launched a mobile-based contactless payment service for its customers via its Mobile Banking App.

The service, dubbed ‘Meezan Mobile Tap & Go,’ is based on Near Field Communications (NFC) technology and allows customers to pay by simply tapping their NFC-enabled Android smartphones at POS (Point of Sale) machines of trader outlets with NFC capability.

Mobile-based contactless payments are among the most secure modes of payment available today because they use tokenization tech, which prevents the Card number from being revealed at the time of payment.

Furthermore, the payment requires that the phone be unlocked at the POS (card payment machine), which is the same as entering the PIN when paying with a physical card.

In addition to being completely secure, mobile-based contactless payments are also the fastest payment method available today when compared to any other payment method.

Customers can use the Meezan Mobile App to create digital versions of their physical debit cards and then tap the phone to make payments using the NFC feature of their smartphone, eliminating the need to carry their physical card for payments.

“Meezan Bank was the first in Pakistan to introduce contactless cards.” Meezan Bank has built up its position as the ruling player in digital payments with the Meezan Tap & Go initiative. We are constantly bringing the most recent global innovations to our customers in order to improve their payment experience.

Furthermore, as a result of COVID-19, contactless payments have become even more important, and we encourage our customers to use safe and secure payment methods,” said Shariq Mubeen, Head Alternate Distribution Channels, Meezan Bank.

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