First Saudi-Pak Telehealth Center Established in Makkah to Facilitate Pakistani Pilgrims

A Saudi firm has partnered with a Pakistani e-health service to establish a teleconsultation center in Makkah to assist Pakistani pilgrims in the kingdom through an e-doctor program.

Funadiq, Pakistani bases company, in Saudi Arabia and Educast in Pakistan have collaborated to establish the Saudi-Pakistani Pilgrim Telehealth Center. The center is the first in a series that will be established in all major hotels in Makkah and Madinah with the assistance of Emaar Al Diyafa Hotels and Pakistan International Airlines.

Funadiq uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies and is one of the 34 exclusive online travel agencies accepted by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to process eight million transactions under the new Umrah system.

“The reason for our decision to merge with Educast is to provide medical facilities to Pakistani pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah through e-doctors in order to address their problems in the event of medical emergencies,” Salman Arain, the company’s chief executive officer, told Arab News following the facility’s inauguration in Makkah on Saturday.

Most Pakistani pilgrims find it difficult to communicate with health providers in Saudi Arabia when they require medical assistance because they do not speak Arabic. Some of them even have difficulty locating health care facilities, which can cost them a significant amount of money for consultation.

Following the success of the trial phase in Makkah, Funadiq and Educast intend to expand their telehealth operations to Madinah.

“In the second phase,” the Funadiq CEO explained, “the model will be replicated in Madinah, where there are more Emaar Al Diyafa hotels.” “In addition, the telehealth service will be extended to other lodging facilities where Pakistanis prefer to stay.”

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