Pakistan Rejects Indian Statement on Accidental Missile Launch

Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said on Tuesday that Islamabad rejects India’s defense minister’s statement on the accidental missile launch.

Qureshi told journalists that the Indian statement was “incomplete,” and that he had written to the UN Security Council about the issue, pleading with the international community to take it up.

Meanwhile, India’s defense minister said Tuesday that the country’s missile systems are “very reliable and safe” after one was accidentally launched last week and landed in a residential area of a nuclear-armed rival Pakistan.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told India’s parliament that a formal investigation into the cause of the shooting had been launched and that any shortcomings would be addressed immediately. He did not specify which missile was accidentally launched.

On Wednesday, an unarmed surface-to-surface missile violated Pakistani airspace and damaged a wall in a residential area of Punjab province, according to Pakistan. There were no reported casualties.

Anger has grown in Pakistan as a result of the misfire, with officials demanding a joint investigation.

“The gravity of the incident highlights several basic questions about security protocols and technical safeguards against accidental or unofficial missile launches in a nuclearized environment,” the foreign ministry said in a statement on Saturday. It demanded that India provide more information and explain why it did not do so immediately.

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