Netflix to Charge Customers Extra For Sharing Free Password Outside Their Vicinity

Netflix announced plans to crack down on illegal password sharing between friends and families from different households in a statement.

To that end, the streaming service announced that it will conduct a test in which subscribers will be charged an additional fee for users who use the service outside of their near area.

According to Chengyi Long, Netflix’s director of Product Innovation, the OTT has made it easier for subscribers to share their accounts by including features like separate profiles and multiple streams in Standard and Premium plans.

“With the new option, people can share passwords easily and securely,” he added.

Despite its popularity, however, there is a misunderstanding among account holders when it comes to sharing the streaming service with users outside their homes, according to the statement.

Long stated that as a result, the accounts shared by different households had an impact on OTT’s investments, which are then used to create amazing content for customers.

As a result, Long revealed that, in the beginning, the streaming service intends to test two new features for members in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

According to the statement, the first feature will allow members in three countries to add “sub-accounts for up to two individuals who are not from the same household.” This means that each user will have their own profile, login, and password, all at a low cost.

According to the statement, the second feature allows account holders to “transfer users’ profile information either to a new account or an extra member sub-account; this will protect the viewing history and personalized recommendations.”

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