Dozens of Commercial Flights Narrowly Escaped Missile Fired by India Into Pakistan

According to international media, a missile accidentally fired from India into Pakistan last week posed a serious risk to dozens of commercial flights that passed through its direct trajectory that day.

Last week, on Wednesday, at 1843 hours, a supersonic missile entered Pakistani airspace near Mian Channu, causing damage to civilian property. Islamabad detected the missile shortly after it was launched in Sirsa, India, 104 kilometers from the Pakistan border.

The Pakistani military slammed India for “flagrant violation” of its airspace and demanded an investigation. It also stated that the unarmed missile had the potential to cause a major aviation disaster.

India later admitted that the missile was fired as a result of a “technical malfunction” during routine maintenance.

“Several planes flew directly through the direct route of the missile on the same day, which flew from the Indian garrison town of Ambala to Mian Channu in Eastern Pakistan,” as per Bloomberg report.

It stated that flights from Flydubai, IndiGo, and Airblue were all following the same path on that day.

“All crossed the missile’s path within an hour of its accidental launch, according to data from flight-tracking app Flightradar24,

Bloomberg reported. According to the data, the missile also threatened a Kuwait Airways Co. flight from Kuwait City to Guangzhou, a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight from New Delhi to Riyadh, and a Qatar Airways flight from Kathmandu to Doha.

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