Toyota Announces Massive Price Hikes for Corolla, Yaris, and More

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has raised the prices of its locally manufactured vehicles for the third time in four months. The reason for the increase, according to the company, is rising freight charges and material costs.

Toyota IMC, like Al-Haj Automotive, will implement the new prices in the following order:

Those who booked cars even before the price increase will be charged 50% of the price increase.

People who have booked or will book new Toyota vehicles after the price increase will pay the full price increase.

Here is a complete list of vehicles with the latest price hike;

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price for Old Bookings (Rs.)Revised Price for New Bookings (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Toyota Yaris
1.3 Gli M/T2,612,0002,755,5002,899,000287,000
1.3 Gli CVT2,817,0002,963,0003,109,000292,000
1.3 ATIV M/T2,745,0002,902,0003,059,000314,000
1.3 ATIV CVT2,919,0003,074,0003,229,000310,000
1.5 ATIV X M/T2,970,0003,129,0003,289,000319,000
1.5 ATIV X CVT3,175,0003,337,0003,499,000324,000
Toyota Corolla
Altis 1.6 M/T3,380,0003,564,5003,749,000369,000
Altis 1.6 A/T3,534,0003,731,5003,929,000395,000
Altis SE 1.6 A/T3,892,0004,100,5004,309,000417,000
Altis 1.8 CVT3,872,0004,085,0004,299,000427,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT4,179,0004,414,0004,649,000470,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Black Interior4,199,0004,444,0004,689,000490,000
Toyota Hilux
Revo G 2.8 M/T6,947,0007,303,0007,659,000712,000
Revo G 2.8 A/T7,306,0007,667,5008,029,000723,000
Revo V 2.8 A/T8,030,0008,435,5008,839,000807,000
Revo Rocco8,472,0008,895,5009,319,000847,000
Toyota Fortuner
Fortuner G A/T8,569,0009,034,0009,499,000930,000
Fortuner V A/T9,941,00010,445,00010,949,0001,008,000
Fortuner Sigma 4 A/T10,392,00010,940,50011,489,0001,097,000
Fortuner Legender10,842,00011,842,50012,099,0001,257,000

During a quarterly performance review earlier this week, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) CEO Ali Asghar Jamali stated that price increases are unavoidable due to the mounting pressures of global logistical challenges, rising freight costs, and depreciating local currency.

He stated, “

The company intends to postpone the price increases until at least June 2022. However, the company is still reviewing this plan and will make a final decision in this regard within a week.
Toyota IMC increased the prices of its vehicles by a large margin, as predicted. This increase will compel other automakers to raise their prices as well.

Terms and Conditions 

According to the company, the new prices will be applied to all new orders beginning March 23, 2022. Meanwhile, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the new price implementation:

  • All orders placed before March 22, 2022, and paid in full by April 10th, 2022, with a delivery date of June 2022, will pay the previous prices.
  • Bookings received by dealerships with full payments on or before March 10th, regardless of the committed delivery month, will be invoiced at previous prices.
  • Bookings with initial partial payments received by dealerships on or before March 10th, 2022, with committed delivery dates of July 22nd and onwards, and then full payments made against such bookings before May 10th, 2022, will be invoiced at 50% higher prices.

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