Automatic Variant Of Prince Pearl Coming Soon

Every other day, we receive exciting news about new models and variants of high-end automobiles. We only hear about cheap cars on rare occasions. Today is one of those days, and the vehicle under consideration is Regal Automobiles’ Prince Pearl.

According to a recent update, the company will soon release an automatic variant of the 800cc hatchback. The upcoming automatic Prince Pearl will compete with the Suzuki Alto AGS, a 660cc automatic hatchback in town.

The automatic version will use the same 796cc 3-cylinder naturally aspirated engine as its manual counterpart. This engine generates 40 horsepower and 60 Newton-meters of torque. Instead of the 4-speed manual transmission, the upcoming model will have a 3-speed automatic transmission.

The detailed specifications of the upcoming Prince Pearl variant have yet to be revealed by Regal Automobile. The expected variant is to have fabric seats, power windows, fog lights, DRLs (Daytime Running Lights), air conditioning, a 9-inch LCD touchscreen, central door locking, a rearview camera, alloy wheels, and other similar features.

In the manual variant, the driver-side airbag is optional. Let’s see if the company includes it as a standard safety feature in the new automatic model.

Expected Price

There has been no official word on the price of the upcoming vehicle. Given the ongoing Prince Pearl manual variant’s price of Rs. 13.3 lacs, we can expect the automatic variant to cost around Rs.15 lacs.

So far, the market reaction to Prince Pearl has been mixed. Hopefully, the addition of an automatic variant will spark interest in the vehicle and increase its demand. What do you think of Regal Automobiles’ decision to release an automatic Prince Pearl? Will the upcoming variant be able to compete with the Suzuki Alto AGS? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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