How to Avoid Traffic Jams During PTI Power Show in Islamabad

In the midst of the country’s heightened political tensions, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been demonstrating its street power with back-to-back massive public gatherings.

The latest PTI power show themed ‘enjoin good and forbid evil,’ will be held at the new Parade Ground on March 27, Sunday, a day before Parliament meets to vote on the no-confidence move opposed to PM Imran Khan.

PTI workers from across the country are expected to travel to Islamabad to show their support for their party’s leader and incumbent Prime Minister.

Police in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) anticipates a large number of vehicles entering the federal capital on Sunday. In this regard, ICT has devised extensive traffic to assist both citizens of Islamabad as well as visitors.

Here’s everything you need to know about the alternate traffic plan:

Prohibited Zones

The general public will be unable to access the red zone via Margalla Road, Jinnah Avenue, Suherwardy Road, or Bari Imam. Murree Road will be closed to the general public from Kashmir Chowk to Rawal Dam Chowk. From Rawal Dam Chowk to the Faizabad Flyover, Murree Road will be closed on both sides.

Routes Alternatives

Light traffic from Lahore can take the Peshawar GT Road and the Motorway from Rawat T Chowk and Saddar Road in Rawalpindi.

Traffic can reach Murree from the old airport via Islamabad Express Way, Lehtrar Road, Tramri Chowk, Park Road, Rawal Dam Chowk, and Kashmir Chowk.
From 9th Avenue and Islamabad Expressway, traffic can travel between Islamabad’s urban sectors, the old airport, and Rawat T Chowk.

All roads in the federal capital will remain open, and the public will be able to travel freely on them.

How to Get to the Parade Ground

PTI employees traveling from Peshawar GT Road and Motorway can access the venue via 26 No. Chungi, Mehrabad Flyover, IJP Road, and Faizabad.

Those traveling from Lahore GT Road and Rawalpindi can use the Islamabad Expressway and Faizabad to reach the venue.

Those traveling from Kashmir and Murree can access the venue via Kashmir Chowk, the Srinagar Highway, Zero Point, and the Islamabad Expressway.

It should be noted that workers will be required to park their vehicles in designated areas and will not be permitted to enter the red zone after the public gathering has concluded.

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