Fate of no-Confidence Motion Against Pak PM to be Decided by March 31

Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed insisted on Monday that the fate of the opposition’s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan would be decided by March 31, according to Dawn.

Rashid told a press conference in Islamabad that the situation on the day of the vote on the no-confidence resolution could change even an hour before the vote, noting that it was up to the opposition, not the government, to demonstrate the strength of 172 lawmakers.
“People must deny the notion that Imran’s politics are on the point of falling down, especially after his ‘great’ rally in Islamabad a day ago.”

He also called the opposition’s anti-prime minister campaign a “conspiracy to weaken Pakistan.”

According to the Interior Minister, international conspiracies are frequently hatched against countries with a weak economies.

“A brave leader can only introduce an independent foreign policy,” he said, referring to Khan.

In response to a question about the Prime Minister’s claim that he had written evidence of a “foreign-funded conspiracy” to destabilize his government, Rashid reiterated that international conspiracies were a reality, but added that he had no knowledge of the letter referred to by the Prime Minister in his speech on Sunday.

Speaking of national institutions, the Interior Minister stated that the Pakistan Army is a symbol of Pakistan’s integrity, according to Dawn news.

“They look at politics as a whole, not at individuals… whatever they decide will be in Pakistan’s favor,” he said.

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