USA City Allows Muslims To Announce Azaan Throughout The Year

The Minneapolis City Council uniformly passed a resolution recognizing Ramadan as an Islamic holy month and supporting the public broadcasting of Azaan (the call to prayer) all year.

The resolution, which was passed last week, informed mosque leaders that they are permitted to call the Azaan during the daytime in their neighborhoods.

Except for morning and night prayers, mosques are allowed to broadcast the call to prayer three times a day via loudspeaker if the volume does not cross a certain limit.

Jamal Osman, a Minneapolis Ward 6 Council Member who presented the resolution, said:

“This is a wonderful honor — the city’s first acknowledgment of Ramadan — and acknowledging that the call to prayer can be broadcast in Minneapolis.”

“A signal of the equality and community we have built here,” he said of the move. This is America, and we, like everyone else, are free to proclaim our faith from the rooftops.”

Only three other US cities, besides Minneapolis, have adopted the ordinance: Paterson, New Jersey, and Hamtramck and Dearborn, Michigan.

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