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Ramazan: PIA Pilots, Flight Crew Members Barred From Fasting

Ramazan: PIA Pilots, Flight Crew Members Barred From Fasting

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has prohibited pilots and cabin crew members from fasting during Ramazan due to flight safety concerns.

Aamir Bashir, the PIA General Manager of Flight Services, issued the directives in a safety bulletin.

Fasting was prohibited during Ramazan for medical reasons, but the safety bulletin advised pilots and cabin crew members to apply for leave from flying duties if they were unwilling to break their fasts.

Fasting is one of the factors that degrade human performance, according to the safety bulletin.

“Focusing on specific human issues like diet and its relationship to flight performance could help reduce the rate of pilot errors and accidents,” the report continued. To meet the physiological demands of flying, proper nutrition is required.”

Pilots should refrain from fasting during Ramazan month when on flying duties, according to the safety bulletin, while keeping fatigued, performance deterioration, and the lives of innocent people in mind.

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The service providers have been instructed to create SOPs to ensure that the operating flight crew is not fasting and that the hired crew fulfills their obligations.

Non-compliance with the instruction could result in the suspension or cancellation of the crew’s licenses, according to the airline.

According to ARY News, PIA management is refusing to give flight crew members leave for Ramazan fasting.

It was also discovered that some employees were informing management that they were performing flying duties while on a long fast. According to sources, no such incident has ever occurred during the Ramazan fasting period.


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