Send Money to Any CNIC Across Pakistan [Video]

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s most popular payment app, has transformed the process of sending money to any CNIC number in the country. Users can send money to anyone with a CNIC number in Pakistan at any time and from anywhere, even if they don’t have a bank account.

Easypaisa is the pioneer in introducing peer-to-peer OTC payments in Pakistan, the first step of banking innovation, with a retail footprint of over 189,000 registered agents across the country.

Users of Easypaisa can send money to anyone with a valid CNIC, regardless of whether or not the recipient has an Easypaisa account. The receiver can easily withdraw funds through Easypaisa’s extensive agent network of over 189,000 registered agents across Pakistan, or sign up for the Easypaisa App, create an account in minutes, and use the funds in one of the platform’s 50+ use cases.

Easypaisa has launched a campaign that is very relatable to situations where money transfer becomes a necessity, especially when people do not have convenient access to funds.

The DVC depicts a domestic worker who has ended up in his village and is seeking emergency funds from his employer. The employer tries to get the funds to his employees but is unable to do so because the receiver lacks a bank account.

Finally, the employer requests that his employees share his CNIC number, after which he transfers funds to his employees’ CNIC via the Easypaisa App, which allows funds to be received instantly. Following that, the domestic staff is seen thanking his boss.

This DVC beautifully depicts Easypaisa’s core payment feature, the Mobile Account to CNIC payments use case. Easypaisa continues to create an immersive experience for its users through creative and out-of-the-box advertising after leading the way in Pakistan’s digital payments landscape.

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