Android 13 Will Allow Two Mobile Networks on One SIM

Many of us switch between SIM cards to connect to different transporters, but Android 13 will finally have a solution to this problem. With the next version of Android, you’ll be able to have multiple profiles on a single eSIM.

This component was discovered on both the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Android Developers site, indicating that it will be included in the upcoming Android 13 update. Mishaal Rahman, XDA Developer’s previous boss, and editorial manager, recently shared the news.

Google’s Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) framework works by separating a solitary actual point of interaction between various computerized (rationale) associations. Rahmaan discovered evidence of Google testing the MEP arrangement on “unknown Pixel equipment,” implying that it will be a big part of Android 13.

Having multiple profiles will not only make it easier for customers to switch between different organizations on a single SIM, but it will also save producers money on equipment because there will be no need to account for two actual SIM cards. This extra space could be used by phone companies to increase battery capacity or provide space for SD cards.

Clients in the United States will not be able to switch between different SIM profiles in large numbers, but it will be useful for those who maintain separate personal and professional lines.

Google has not revealed a launch date for Android 13, but based on the organization’s past track record, we can anticipate a steady delivery by October 2022.

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