VIDEO: For the First Time in US History, Muslims Perform Taraweeh Prayers at New York Times Square

Hundreds of Muslims gathered in Times Square in New York on Saturday to pray Taraweeh to mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan, in a rare event.

Muslims performed the Taraweeh prayer for the first time in history in this iconic location in the United States.

Muslims living in the United States, according to the event organizer, want to celebrate Ramadan in this iconic location in the heart of New York City to show others that Islam is a peaceful religion.

According to the organizers, there is a misconception about Islam.

“We want to explain our religion to anyone who doesn’t understand it… Islam is a peaceful religion.”

On Saturday, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began at sunrise, when the faithful fast from dawn to dusk.

Muslims follow a lunar calendar, and different countries may declare the start of Ramadan a day or two apart due to the moon-sighting methodology.

In many Middle Eastern countries, the Ramadan tradition calls for colorful lanterns and lights strung through narrow alleyways and around mosques.

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