All About Pakistan Emergency Helpline Number – 911

In Pakistan, there are numerous emergency helpline numbers that you can call in the event of an emergency. The most commonly used helplines, for example, are 15 for police and 1122 for road accidents to call an ambulance for immediate medical attention.

There are other numbers, but how many of us remember them all? Most of us have seen in movies how residents of the United States of America (USA) call 911 in the event of an emergency, which connects the caller with emergency services for a prompt response.

All About Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL)

control rooms of pakistan emergency helpline

That is good news for Pakistanis. The Pakistani government has set a tentative date of July 25, 2021, for the launch of the Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL) number ‘911’, which people can call from anywhere in the country.

The 911 helpline was launched in an attempt to provide a single platform from which citizens can seek assistance in times of emergency. People in need of assistance from various authorities and emergency response units now only need to dial 911 from their cell phones, and the operator will connect them to the appropriate department. The national emergency helpline has been activated.

The launch of 911 will also assist the government in understanding the crime rate and the resources required to address various issues in a specific area and sector. Police, fire brigade, health assistance, motorway police, and disaster recovery are some of the departments that can be reached via the emergency helpline 911 in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL) was established by the Ministry of Interior and is based in Islamabad at the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC). To learn about the project’s nitty-gritty, the experts working on it studied models of national helplines from other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, among others. The experts initially proposed 786 as the emergency number for the national helpline, but it was later proposed and agreed upon as 911.

Purpose of PEHL

As previously stated, the goal of establishing the national emergency helpline number is to provide a single number that everyone can remember and call in an emergency. While 911 will be the default emergency number for everyone, other helplines will be operational and used by PEHL.

A call will be received at PEHL by a central control room and, after assessing the type of emergency, it will be transferred to the appropriate department for a quick response. The national emergency helpline will be a toll-free number that people from all provinces can call.

Kins of Emergency Response Units of PEHL

The grand initiative launched by the Government of Pakistan will initially address only four types of emergencies, and if those prove successful, additional additions may be made. The four types of acute emergency response units will be as follows:

  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Ambulance service
  • National Highways and Motorway Police

Features of Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL)

The first feature of the national emergency helpline will be the ability to route calls to the appropriate helpline or department. A single emergency helpline number will be easier to remember than having to figure out which department to contact.

The second and most important feature of the emergency helpline is that when a call is received, the task is highlighted in red. The red light will serve as an alert to the operator until the caller’s problem is resolved and a satisfactory response is received. This will reveal the number of tasks that are currently in the pipeline and require immediate attention.

Third, the government has enlisted the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and other departments to help with the initiative’s successful launch and smooth operation. For the project’s implementation, the government has also sought assistance from various mobile phone companies.

Finally, the government has created a mobile application to intelligently and quickly respond to a call. With the help of this application, police and rescue centers will be able to track the location of the caller and respond quickly and efficiently.

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