Finally, WhatsApp Will let you hide ‘Last Seen’ Status From Specific Contacts

According to WhatsApp beta news blog WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is beta testing a feature that hides a user’s ‘last seen’ status from specific contacts.

‘Last seen’ on WhatsApp informs other users when someone last opened the app and may indicate whether they checked the app without responding to a message.

You can currently hide your ‘last seen’ from everyone, but you can’t see anyone else’s. There’s also the option to limit ‘last seen’ to your contacts only, but you can’t pick and choose who sees it.

The following are the most recent privacy options available on WhatsApp:

Finally, WhatsApp Will let you hide 'Last Seen' Status From Specific Contacts

The new feature will add “My Contacts Except…” to this list, allowing you to prevent specific people from viewing your “last seen.” It’s currently in beta for both iOS and Android and should be available to all WhatsApp users soon.

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