Imran Khan breaks world record for holding largest virtual power show at Twitter Space

PTI Chairman Imran Khan set a world record on Wednesday evening by addressing the largest Twitter Space Live, ahead of his PTI rally in Lahore today.

Khan interacted with approximately 160K people from around the world who were in attendance at the Twitter live event via Spaces, an audio live feature on Twitter. The address was also live-streamed on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, with thousands of people watching.

According to the details, the former PM set a global record on Twitter in just a few minutes.
According to the Twitter Space history of live events, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was the first person in the world to have more than 160K listeners during a live event. Previously, K-POP Lyrical Space held the record with over 44K listeners.

It is worth noting that PTI is well-known for mobilizing the public through effective social media campaigns. For example, the PTI’s earlier Twitter trend against the incumbent government, “Imported Hakumat Na-Manzoor,” has been tweeted over 7 million times, making it Pakistan’s largest trend in social media history.

Following his resignation as Prime Minister, Imran Khan makes a strong political comeback, holding public rallies across the country. His rallies in Peshawar, and later in Karachi, were a huge success, with thousands of people showing up to support him.

According to sources, the former Prime Minister faces severe life threats, as the district administration of Lahore wrote a letter to PTI leaders on Wednesday recommending that former Prime Minister Imran Khan address the party’s rally virtually due to “severe threat alerts.”

“In light of too many threat alerts received from security agencies and as per latest intelligence assessment made at the district and provincial levels, it is suggested that ex-prime minister Imran Khan address the public gathering virtually by video conference and LED display instead of making a physical appearance at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore on 21-04-2022,” wrote Lahore Additional Deputy Commissioner Atiyab Sultan in the letter.

In light of the threats, most listeners were concerned about his well-being and safety, and security. Khan responded that he would attend the Minar-i-Pakistan regardless.

“Minar-i- Pakistan is a precious place because it is where the Pakistan Resolution was passed. Indian Muslims made the decision to seek [a] separate [home]land. There, we will also launch our freedom movement. “I believe a record number of people will come there,” he predicted.

After his government was overturned earlier this month, the PTI leader stated that he did not looking for such large crowds to rally in his support. “I had only expected 5% of what actually came out.” “I was so happy to see people because I saw a nation awaking… for the first time, I saw where we should have been 75 years back,” he added.

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