Missing Karachi girl Dua Zehra makes stunning revelations in a Video statement

Dua Zehra, who was recently discovered in a city of Punjab province ten days after going missing in Karachi, stated that she married a Lahore-based boy of her own free will after leaving her parents’ home.

In a video statement, the teen stated that she was not abducted or kidnapped and that she is an 18-year-old adult, rejecting her parents’ claims that she is underage.

“I married Zaheer of her own volition and am living happily with him,” she said, asking her relatives not to bother her.

On Twitter, a journalist shared a copy of Zehra’s purported statement to Judicial Magistrate Lahore Ghulam Murtaza.

“I have not been abducted or kidnapped by anyone; that I left my parents’ house of my own free will and brought nothing with me; that on 17.04.2022, when I was at home, respondents [Zehra’s Parents and policement] forcibly entered the house and started beating, that due to our hue and cry, people of the locality gathered there and rescued us from the clutches of respondents,” she said in her statement.

Dua Zehra also filed a petition in the district and sessions court against her father and a cousin named Syed Zainul Abidin, accusing them of threatening her and her husband with dire consequences.

She also requested that the court summon the respondents and punish them in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, Zehra’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, stated that his daughter was only saying what she was told. He claimed that his daughter, who was born in 2008, is 14 years old.

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