New Govt Switch Back to Old Curriculum for Schools and Colleges

According to reports, the new federal government has ordered a halt to further work on the former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Single National Curriculum (SNC).

According to reports, the federal government has also directed that education under the SNC is halted and that the old syllabus be reinstated as soon as possible.

Educationists have strongly condemned the coalition government’s move, claiming that the education sector should be free of political motivations.

According to one educationist, any changes to SNC will be met with opposition at every level, and the government should leave SNC alone. Another educationist stated that SNC has been prepared after consulting with all national stakeholders and that there is no need to reverse it.

The SNC for schools, colleges, and seminaries was developed and implemented by the PTI-led federal government. Except for Sindh, which openly opposes the SNC, all provinces have adopted it.

SNC requires all schools, colleges, and seminaries to use textbooks developed by their respective provincial textbook boards.

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