Uber Announces Good News for Drivers in Islamabad

This week, Uber delivered good news to drivers in Islamabad. The widely used ride-hailing service has eliminated service fees for Uber drivers in the capital city, which means drivers will no longer have to pay Uber a percentage of their fare earnings.

An official email confirmed that the raid-hailing service has eliminated service fees from ride fairs. Previously, drivers had to pay a service charge of 25%. However, now that the fixed rate has been reduced to 0%, drivers can pocket the entire fare.

Even better, there are no terms and conditions attached to this change, so drivers do not have to do anything to be eligible. From now on, drivers will simply earn more money from fares.

The change will start on May 15, 2022.

This will not only help to maintain employee loyalty, but it may also attract more Uber drivers. This could help to alleviate the problem of driver unavailability or peak factors when customers are looking for rides.

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