How to Open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan in 2023 – Complete Guide

Amazon, with 95 million Prime Members and 150 million users, provides numerous opportunities for sellers. Last year, they made $2 billion in sales, demonstrating that they already have a large consumer base available through Amazon’s platform.

Pakistani vendors can now open Amazon accounts because the country has been added to the Amazon list. Create your Amazon seller account today by following the steps outlined in this guide. Create a Pakistani Amazon seller account.

Amazon Seller in Pakistan

Today, Amazon Pakistan seller is one of the most well-known online marketplaces because it offers so many options for vendors, owing to its large prime membership of 95 million people worldwide and 150 million total monthly customers who shop on the site. Since 2014, the company has sold over $2 billion in merchandise from over 2,000 different sellers while maintaining profit margins of more than 20% higher than eBay or Walmart.

Pakistan is a prosperous country with a thriving online business. With 70% of Pakistanis shopping on Amazon, it’s irresponsible to exclude them while closing the door to others who want to buy on your site. We enjoy breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities in our international markets, not just regionally but globally.

Pakistan has been accepted into Amazon’s seller network. This is the most important option for Pakistani sellers to sell on Amazon right now. With Pakistani documents, you can open a seller account.

You don’t need to track down your uncle in the United States to help you register as an Amazon seller. Simply follow these steps to set up your Amazon seller account from Pakistan:

Benefits of Choosing Amazon for Selling

Amazon is not the best online marketplace for sellers. It offers a number of benefits to sellers looking for a larger and more diverse market with consumers who spend a lot of money on online purchases.

  • Selling on Amazon provides the following benefits.
  • Diversification of the market with billions of potential customers
  • Amazon’s dependability. Amazon is popular among customers.
  • Amazon’s reputation far exceeds that of other eCommerce platforms.
  • Amazon Prime can assist you in increasing your revenue and consumer base.
  • There is no charge for listing. Paying to list your products on Amazon is unnecessary.
  • Less Work: You don’t have to do much work as a seller because Amazon’s FBA handles everything for you.

Create Amazon Seller Account In Pakistan

You should be familiar with the paperwork and have completed the basic Amazon registration procedures before learning how to create an Amazon seller account.

Documents Required

• National ID card

• Passport

• Bank account information and statement

Sign Up Now

Go to and register now.

How To Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan

Enter your name, email address, and password

Fill in the blanks with your full name, email address, and password.

Remember to use your professional email or create a separate email account for this purpose. Keep a record of your password somewhere safe.

Use the Email Address to Verify the OTP

You will receive an OTP to your email address after entering the above information and submitting it. Enter this OTP to validate the email.

First, review these documents.

According to Amazon’s policies, you must have these documents.

  • Contact and business information
  • Phone number or mobile number
  • Credit card information that is chargeable

Business Location & Business Type

business type in Amazon

The next step is to communicate the locations and types of businesses.

Business Location:

The country in which you will establish your business. Choose Pakistan because that is your country.

Amazon Seller Account Pakistan

Business type

You must describe your type of business in this section. You must check off the following items.

  • Publicly traded company
  • State-owned enterprise
  • a privately held company
  • a non-profit organization
  • None, I am a one-of-a-kind individual.
  • If you choose “I am an individual,” you have to tell your full name.

Fill in the blanks with your given names (first, middle, and last). You can skip this section if you don’t have a middle name. Just enter your first and last name.

Agree and proceed

Carefully read the privacy statement. Most people skip this step, but it’s critical to read the privacy policy to learn more about this platform.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan

You should now provide these five details after you’ve completed the basic procedures of registering with your email, verifying your OTP, indicating your business type, and so on.

Step 1: Provide Personal Information

Mention your citizenship, birth country, birth date, identity proof, and business address.

Step 2 – Select a marketplace

Check the marketplace box and select where you want to sell your products after you’ve entered your personal information. It hints at the location of the Amazon store.

Step 3 – Verification of billing information

In order to determine whether your billing information is correct, Amazon will ask you to enter your billing information, such as the number, expiration date, and name on your credit card.

Step 4 – Store information

Following the submission of accurate billing information, you will be asked a few questions about your Amazon store and the products you list. Respond to the following questions:

  • Your Amazon store’s title
  • Do your products come with UPC codes?
  • Are the Amazon items you’re selling manufactured and branded by you?
  • Is your product registered as a trademark?

After answering the pertinent questions, click the button below.

Step 5 – Validation of Amazon addresses

Amazon will send special codes to the address you provide via postcard. You will now be prompted to validate that code. It may take up to 7 days for a unique code to arrive. Enter the code you received below once you’ve received it.

After verification, you have completed the signup process. To get started with Amazon and access your Seller Central account, click on this link.

Amazon has opened up numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and local businesses. Now is the time for Pakistan’s E-Commerce community to show Amazon that we exist in the global market.

Apart from pushing yourself to start exporting internationally, it is your moral and ethical responsibility to maintain the level and decorum of this billion-dollar platform that has enabled you to go global.

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