What 13 Objections did the United States Raise Against Former PM Imran khan?

According to Khan, the Americans deposed his government because he refused to cancel a trip to Moscow in late February. The visit occurred on February 24, the same day that Russia launched its bloody invasion of Ukraine.

The trip, Khan and his foreign minister would emphasize, had been planned in advance and thus coincided with the invasion date only by chance. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also claimed that the US national security advisor called Pakistan’s foreign minister and asked Islamabad to cancel the visit.

Khan refused to change or cancel his plans. The visit went as planned; Khan even laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow while Russian troops were crossing into Ukraine. This adherence to an independent foreign policy, he later claimed, irritated the Americans, who then plotted to change Islamabad’s government to a more pliable one.

Certain Pakistani lawmakers, it was claimed, had met with Americans and had been bribed to overthrow Khan’s government. On March 8, Pakistan’s united opposition moved a no-confidence motion against the government, but the ruling party had a majority at the time.

Then, on March 30, a portion of the ruling coalition’s parliamentarians abruptly defected to the opposition, effectively pulling the rug out from under Khan’s feet. The remaining the storyline is well-known:

The PTI government eventually lost the no-confidence vote after an unhealthy dose of procedural and legal drama. Khan stepped down as Pakistan’s prime minister, but he continued to blame the Americans for the entire disaster.

Here from a reliable source, we sum up these 13 Objections that opposed Imran khan from the united nations from the begging of his government. Here are all of them:

  1. The first objection to Imran khan was his speech at the united nations (New York, 21-27 September 2019), they do like his way of speaking about islamophobia. Americans also do object to Pakistan’s foreign policy which was not in favor of the united nations. In his speech, Imran khan raises the issue of Kashmir and warns India to lift the lockdown on Kashmir and let them give them freedom. To watch Imran khans speech at the UN click here.
  2. America is highly against talking about islamophobia. Because presenting the real picture of Islam to the world will go against the hidden agendas of America, and as a result, people could stand against America’s policies for Islamic countries. They want Imran khan not to highlight islamophobia awareness.
  3. America does not want Imran khan to encourage the seerat-e-nabi S.A.W. and discourage the Rehmatallil Alameen authority in Pakistan. If the youth get the awareness of the world’s best leader Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alih-e-wasalam, it will be a revolution in their life so they will not follow our norms and culture. This is the reason behind America does not want the Pakistani government to do work on this platform.
  4. The fourth and most important objection to Imran khan was the introduction of a Single National Curriculum (SNC) in Pakistan. Khan wants to give everyone a quality education regardless of public or private school. From the beginning of Pakistan, Americans’s watching the education system and they want it to be controlled by them, not by the local government.
  5. America’s fifth objection is why Imran Khan is working to restore Islamic history. why does he want his nation to watch drams like Dirilis: Ertugrul. khan’s these acts increase the curiosity of Americans that what actually Imran khan wanted to do?
  6. Their 6ht objection to the leadership of Imran khan o OIC. They do not want khan to lead the OIC and raise the issue of islamophobia among them.
  7. Americans want Pakistan to build a good relationship with India. They do want khan to talk about the Kashmir issue. But Imran Khan wants India to lift the lockdown on Kashmir which started on 5 august 2019. Americans have anger at Imran khan to destroy the Indian army plane in balakot (Abhinanda incident), Pakistan.
  8. Pakistan should recognize the Israel like UAE. But we all know well Imran khan does not want to recognize Israel before the Palestine issue is resolved.
  9. The 9th objection to Pakistan’s government is to define the limits of trade and relationship with China. They can be good friends but they can not help each other in every field of life. The most important part of this objection is that they want Pakistan and china to set their limits in the presence of America.
  10. Pakistan does not have the right to friendship with Russia.
  11. 11th objection is that America wants Pakistan’s military basis for an operation against Afghanistan. And Pakistan is absolutely not ready for this.
  12. America wants unconditional favor of Pakistan on the issue of Nato and Ukraine and stands against Russia as well.
  13. The last objection of America to Imran khan is to give space and flexibility to their proxies’ political parties in Pakistan. They want to give these political parties a clean sheet from NAB and FIA and end all cases against them. All old traditional political parties and present important governments are amricans proxies political parties in Pakistan.

These are 13 Objections pointing to Imran khan from amairan’s which lead to regime change operation in Pakistan. So far, the currently imported government did work on 10 objections by Americans like stitching back to the old curriculum, not talking about islamophobia and Kashmir issue, and restoring the trade relation with India as well.

I hope these points give a more clear picture of regime change operation and the current situation of Pakistan politics.

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