Hajj 2022: Govt Revises Expenses For this Year’s Holy Sojourn

  • The government has approved an Rs150,000 subsidy for each pilgrim.
  • Hajj costs in the northern region can reach Rs851,000.
  • The southern region’s expenses could reach Rs860,000.

Mufti Abdul Shakoor, the Minister of Religious Affairs, announced the costs of the government’s Hajj scheme for the year 2022 on Tuesday.

Mufti Shakoor said at a press conference that the government has approved an Rs150,000 subsidy for each pilgrim.

“The northern region’s Hajj expenses are up to Rs851,000, while the southern region’s expenses are up to Rs860,000.”

According to the minister, the mandatory expenses for the holy sojourn are 52 percent, airfare is 21%, and other expenses are 27%.
Following cabinet approval, the Hajj package is announced. We inherited the costly package from the previous PTI administration. The costs would have risen to Rs1.1 million if it hadn’t been overthrown,” Mufti Shakoor said.

The minister stated that after two years, Hajj has a limited quota and that Pakistan’s quota has been reduced from 180,000 to 81,210 as a result of COVID-19. “The Saudi government is also concerned about the delay and costs.”

All arrangements, including those in Makkah and Madinah, have been revised, according to the minister.

“The per-head accommodation fee has been minimized from SAR2,600 to SAR2,100, and Pakistani pilgrims have to pay SAR27 for three meals per day.”

“We’ve finished 80 percent of the pilgrims’ workshops,” he said, adding that the first flight will leave on June 6.

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