How to Open a JazzCash Account

Jazz Telecom is the biggest portable supplier in the nation, working with the biggest information and voice organization and drawing in the best number of endorsers. That it turned into the country’s most memorable GSM administrator, the firm left a mark on the world in Pakistan.

Jazz Cash has reached one more achievement with the addition of 4 million dynamic portable clients to its record. Likewise, the value of exchanges expanded by PKR 350 billion over the initial half-year of this current year, addressing a critical increment over a similar period last year. Compared with a similar period last year, this is an 85 percent increment in income.

Jazz Cash Mobile App features:

The new mobile app lets users of any mobile network access all services such as Send Money Pay Bills and Mobile Load Payments, Demand Money, Request Friends, and Fast Pay QR Payouts.

The Jazz Cash mobile account is one of the most beneficial services provided by Jazz’s mobile network operator. They will link the account you open to your mobile phone number.

Its distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • You may buy and activate it right now.
  • There are no monthly or annual fees!
  • Over 50,000 online and retail visas were acknowledged by merchants, both in-person and online.
  • You may withdraw cash from over 12,000 ATMs located throughout Pakistan.
  • Every purchase includes a free SMS alert.

Steps to Open Jazz Cash Mobile Account:

Step no 1

In the first step, you will need to register your mobile account. Jazz Cash mobile accounts can be set up on any network’s mobile phones. Users with biometrically validated Jazz and Warid mobile accounts can register their mobile accounts by calling *786#.

Other network users who want to create a mobile account using biometric identification can do so at a Jazz Cash Agent, Jazz Franchise, or Experience Center near them.

Step no 2

Following successful registration, you must complete one of the following tasks:

  • Jazz and Warid users can generate a four-digit MPIN by calling *786# or using the mobile app on their devices. Other network users, on the other hand, can produce their own MPINs by utilizing the free mobile app.
  • All mobile account operations were safeguarded by a 4-digit MPIN that was required for each transaction. You may misplace your MPIN for any number of reasons. To reset it, dial 4444 from Jazz or Warid or 051-111-124-444.

Step no 3

Following the completion of your mobile account registration, you will make a free deposit into your mobile account. To find your nearest Jazz Cash Agent, send an SMS with the word ‘M’ to 2179 (which is free).

If you have a bank account, you may instantly transfer funds from one account to another by using internet banking or ATM transfers. All you have to do is designate Mobilink Microfinance Bank (formerly Resource Microfinance Bank) as the recipient of your gift. As an account number, they should use your cellphone number.

You will receive your money instantly, regardless of whether you deposit through a Jazz Cash agent or a financial institution such as a bank. You will also get an automated SMS from the number 8558.

Step no 4

Jazz and Warid customers can complete any transaction simply by phoning *786# and following the on-screen instructions. Jazz and Warid users can also access their mobile accounts via a smartphone application.

Other network users can only access their mobile accounts through the mobile application. For each transaction handled through the number 8558, you will obtain a digital receipt.

Jazz Cash ATM Card facility

A Jazz Cash Visa Debit Card for Mobile Account can be obtained at any Jazz Point, Jazz Experience Center, or Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch location. Obtaining and activating a Visa Debit Card is a simple procedure. All you have to do is submit your cell phone number. Also, make sure they’ve connected the card to your MPIN.

When you link your card to your mobile account, a charge of Rs. 299 will be deducted from your account. In this case, the agent will not be charged any further costs. After you’ve connected your card, go to “Manage ATM” under “My Account” and input the four-digit MPI of your Visa Debit Card using your mobile account MPIN.

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