Only 6% of Pakistanis Use iPhone: Report

As per the Stat Counter, a web counter that tracks the world measurements appeared that as it were 6.04 percent of smartphones in Pakistan are iOS devices.

A not-so-surprising 93.13 percent number of smartphone clients utilize Android smartphones. Though, the remaining 0.83 percent is made up of lesser-known working frameworks on highlight smartphones counting KaiOS.

Most importantly, iPhone costs are still exceptionally high since of the moment charges, deal charges, etc. However, it is to be mentioned that a base iPhone 13 estimate is roughly Rs. 230,000 within the nation.

Android phones, on the other hand, are accessible at a different price range, beginning as low as Rs. 15,000 all the way up to Rs. 100,000 and over. This gives clients the choice to choose anything handset that is more appropriate for them.

Not to mention, there are also a few brands to select from, which broadens the number of alternatives you have. As a result, nearly anybody can get an Android phone these days.

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