“Road To Makkah” Initiative Launched For 5 Countries Including Pakistan

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Morocco are among the nations participating in the “Road to Makkah” project.

In 2019, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior launched the “Road to Makkah” project for the first time, and it has since expanded to include Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Bangladesh.

According to the ministry, the “Road to Makkah” project aims to make it as easy as possible for pilgrims to arrive in Makkah and complete their processes from their home countries.

According to a story in the Saudi Gazette, the procedure begins with the visa being issued online, biometric data being collected, and then all passport requirements being completed at the airport of the nation of departure.

Pilgrims’ luggage is also tagged and categorised before being delivered to their lodging in the Kingdom.

Upon arrival, they board designated buses that transport them to their Makkah and Madinah palaces, while service authorities distribute their luggage.

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