Google Will Help You Prepare for Job Interviews

The Interview Warmup tool from Google is meant to help you practice answering interview questions so that you feel more confident when you show up for the actual interview.

The tool was created to assist Google Career Certificate students, but it is now available to the general public.

You may prepare for your interview by practicing answering common interview questions as well as job-specific questions chosen by an expert in that sector. You can either speak your replies or type them in.
Your comments are also transcribed in real-time, allowing you to study them and get insights about patterns in your responses and ways to improve.

The tool asks three sorts of questions:

  • Background inquiries go into your previous education and experiences. Questions regarding your schooling, previous work, interests, and aspirations are common.
  • Situational questions Inquire about how you have handled situations in the past and how you might handle problems in the future.
  • Technical questions focus on your field’s specific knowledge and skills. They frequently ask you to demonstrate how you would apply your technical expertise to address difficulties in hypothetical scenarios.

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