Pakistan’s First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Cars Established in Karachi

A Karachi businessman, Abdul Haseeb Khan, has opened Pakistan’s first fast-charging station for electric vehicles.

The Libra Charging Hub station has 160 kW fast chargers that can re-energize high-end EVs as well as Chinese EVs with smaller batteries.

Saddar is one of Karachi’s busiest public locations, and the station is located there. Rapid chargers can charge a car from 0 to 80 percent in under 15 minutes. In an interview with medial, Khan said, “It is the first fast-charging station in Pakistan.” Pakistan already has many charging stations for electric vehicles, but this one has 160 kW of rapid charging, which allows for a charge period of only 15 minutes.

Khan said, “Charging costs Rs. 65 per kWh.” According to this, a typical EV with a 46 kWh battery pack will cost approximately Rs. 3000, according to this.

He encouraged the government to install more Pole Mounted Transformers (PMT) around Pakistan to aid in the development of such stations.

“It’s an ecologically beneficial fuel that can help the government unload some of the energy loads,” Khan said, adding that automobile owners may avoid refueling by converting to EVs.

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