KP Govt Announces Work From Home For Fridays

The provincial administration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has implemented a one-day work-from-home policy for all of its workers.

Government employees will work from the office Monday through Thursday and from home on Fridays, according to the specifications.

The move is part of the provincial government’s cost-cutting initiatives. Previously, the KP administration had reduced the province’s free fuel allotment for departments, institutions, and organizations.

Last week, KP’s Chief Minister, of KP, sanctioned a 35 percent reduction in the free gasoline allotment.

A high-level working committee of the Ministry of Energy’s Power Division has recommended that the government implement a hybrid working arrangement for federal government employees.

If the policy is adopted, government employees will have the choice of working four days from the office and one day from home out of the five official working days.

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