Government to Double Toll Tax on Motorways

To combat the energy crisis and the impact of increasing petrol costs, the federal government is considering collecting a two-fold toll fee on highways used by single-driver automobiles.

It’s also considering a scheme that would allow vehicles to drive on alternate days depending on odd or even number plates.

At a recent cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif agreed to form a committee to study the proposed energy-saving measures.

According to the proposed proposal, the provincial governments would be asked to publish a notification for the required biennial tuning and inspection of motor vehicles.

It was also requested that provincial agricultural ministries implement programs and train the field engineering wing’s technical staff to assist farmers with tractor tuning.

Another suggestion was that Sunday is designated a vehicle-free day in major cities and that a daylight saving scheme is implemented by shifting the clock forward.

Other options being considered by the committee include decreasing the speed limit on roads and tripling the toll levy on highways for single-driver automobiles.

The cabinet was informed by the Power Division that the prime minister had called a meeting on June 4 to examine the current energy problem and potential solutions. The power secretary put out a number of recommendations.

Certain recommendations were approved by the working group, but the majority of them were either impossible to execute or did not provide significant advantages.
The group proposed a five-day work week, with Saturday designated as a day off. It might be announced right away.

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