CNG Vendors Will Offer 45% Cheaper Fuel to the Masses: APCNGA

With the government’s help, the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) claims it is ready to supply 45 percent cheaper fuel to the public in the wake of continuous fuel price rises.

In a statement, the association’s chairman, Ghias Paracha, stated that the government should focus on using CNG like other nations and that it would immediately lower the import expense.

According to Paracha, the country also possesses CNG infrastructure. He went on to say that switching to CNG fuel will benefit both the government and the people since it would cut both the import expense and the environmental impact of fuel.

Current Fuel Price in Pakistan

Last night, Muftah Ismail, the Federal Minister of Finance, announced an increase in the price of petroleum products, causing petrol prices to hit a new high.

He announced a fuel price rise of Rs. 24.03/liter and a high-speed diesel price increase of Rs. 59.1/liter (HSD). Following that, the price of petrol rose to Rs. 233.89 per liter, while the price of HSD rose to Rs. 263.31 per liter.

Due to rising petrol prices, commuting is becoming increasingly challenging for everyone, making CNG a viable alternative.

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