Karachi Traffic Police Initiative Free Vehicle Repair Service for Citizens

The Karachi Traffic Police Department has announced the start of a free automobile maintenance service for Karachi residents.

The city’s traffic police have taken this action to help the public and preserve a smooth flow of traffic throughout the monsoon season.

In Pakistan, the monsoon rains have begun. Due to the bad traffic conditions in the city during this monsoon season, individuals may have trouble traveling.

During this trying period, the police have stepped in to provide free automobile maintenance services for the inhabitants’ comfort, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic around the city.

According to the latest report, Deputy Director General (DIG) Ahmad Nawaz, spoke with the media about the change and exposed it. The agency has dispatched 26 patrol cars across the city, each equipped with basic car repair equipment. In the meanwhile, these traffic cop cars have been stationed around key roads and other sites.

The unique police cars will be equipped with a range of conventional auto repair services. Fixing punctured tires, re-inflating deflated tires, towing a car, jump-starting a car, and automotive fire extinguishers are all included.

They offer refueling services for automobiles and motorbikes that have run out of gas and will be unable to reach the next gas station. The patrol car will also do some basic vehicle maintenance.

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