Pakistan’s First Hybrid Hub Apricart Continues to Transform Shopping Habits by Innovating E-Grocery

Apricart, Pakistan’s fast-growing online grocery company, has taken another exciting step toward transforming the retail market by launching Pakistan’s first hybrid grocery center.

Apricart’s mission of enabling the masses of Pakistan to adopt more efficient methods of buying goods will be further fueled by the recent release of an unparalleled shopping model.

Despite COVID’s rapid rise in e-grocery purchasing, the Pakistani market is still lagging behind worldwide trends. Customers have become accustomed to crowded stores and long lines at the checkout.

Grocery costs are devouring a large portion of your pocket due to increased grocery inflation! As a result, people are hesitant to adopt e-trends because they have a low degree of confidence in new businesses, particularly those with minimal to no physical presence.

How does this Hybrid E-grocery Works?

Apricart’s hybrid Click & Collect Store is the ideal answer for all of these folks. Click & Collect allows customers to order online and pick up in-store, but Apricart Click & Collect goes a step further.

It provides clients with a real-life shop where they can go in, connect with the team, experience the store as normal; place their orders online with the help of well-trained employees; and pick up their orders in under 15 minutes during the same visit.

The store’s hybrid character is intended to demonstrate the attraction and ease of e-commerce platforms to the general public through frequent exposure, luring people toward future approaches to their food purchasing requirements.

Mr. Khalid Memon, the CEO of Apricart, said of the award, “This is certainly the first hybrid e-commerce model purchasing experience in Pakistan.” We created a hybrid model specifically to aid in the mass transition to online grocery shopping and to assist in the promotion of Pakistan’s e-commerce ecosystem. “

This service is available in addition to home delivery and the ability to place pre-orders at Click & Collect to be picked up at pre-selected time slots using the Apricart mobile app, ensuring ‘Khuwari, Mehengai, aur Waqt ki Bachat!’ Customers may also swap, return, and refund items at the Apricart Click & Collect Store. It’s a level of convenience never seen before, and it’s all here in your own neighborhood!

“Sustainability is at the center of our day-to-day operations with a close eye on our strategic aim of supplying inexpensive groceries to the public,” he said during a panel discussion at Zindigi Future Fest. “With rising inflation, the consumer’s buying pattern is a mix of mindful and cost-effective purchases combined with easy shopping experiences.”

Apricart Click & Collect Store carries the entire range of Apricart’s exclusive staples brand, Jehan, which offers a wide range of high-quality rice, pulses, sugar, salt, and spices at extremely low prices, demonstrating Apricart’s commitment to continue appealing to the masses with its e-grocery solution.

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