Cloudflare Outage Hits Websites Across the World

On Tuesday afternoon, several famous websites were unavailable due to a “widespread outage” reported by Cloudflare, a DNS provider.

Cloudflare verified the disruption in a statement posted on its website. At around 06:34 UTC, a critical P0 event was announced (11:57 am PST). Cloudflare’s network connectivity has been interrupted in large areas.

“The problem outcome all data plane services in our network,” it stated. “Eyeballs attempting to visit Cloudflare sites in afflicted locations will get 500 failures.”
Cloudflare stated that a “fix” was being made and that it would keep users updated as additional information became available.

The DNS service tweeted that the fault had been addressed at 1:08 pm (PST), almost an hour after it was reported.,, Discord, Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, Feedly, Zerodha,, news publication Register, Upstox, and Social Blade were among the websites affected by the outage.

A DNS server is a database that maps a website’s name (for example, to its actual IP address (a set of numbers). DNS servers that can handle a lot of traffic and reply quickly are required for nationwide use.

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