Petrol Pump “Filled Cars With Water” Instead Of Petrol

A strange and tragic occurrence occurred at a fuel station in Pakistan when automobiles were reportedly filled with water instead of fuel.

According to a video circulating on social media, a few automobile owners fill up their tanks at a petrol station, but their vehicles break down after only a few kilometers.

One of the owners claimed, “When we drove our automobiles to the repair, he told us that the petrol station had filled the car with water.” Meanwhile, others have stated that they have had the same problem, but that the station owner or management is not paying attention to our concerns.

“Even after we complained, they kept filling the vehicles with it,” another auto owner stated. This is now full carelessness on the part of the fuel administration, primarily since the automobile engine may have been harmed. It’s made worse by record-high fuel costs. Remember that the current gas price is Rs. 234 per liter.

As a result, individuals should exercise caution and only use reputable filling stations.

An elderly gentleman offers free Petrol

In a completely different instance, an elderly man gave away free fuel to others who couldn’t afford it. According to reports, an uncle in Karachi assisted rickshaw drivers and bikers.

He went to a petrol station and instructed the attendants to give these customers free petrol up to the value of Rs. 700. This is a wonderful gift, especially in these difficult times.

The masses are in serious difficulties as a result of record-high fuel costs, and life is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone. The regular commutes are disrupted, further burdening the populace in their everyday lives.

We expect that fuel costs will drop in the near future, allowing consumers to relax a little.

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