Can’t Afford the Ride After the Fuel Hike? Book a Seat with Carsea

Fuel prices have risen by 56 percent, making it difficult to pay for a full or single cab journey, and this is an issue for both people with and without automobiles.

To address this issue, Pakistanis have begun assisting one another by forming online carpooling networks. However, this method only benefits a small population, and many drivers and passengers are still unable to locate one another.

Carpooling isn’t only about filling up your vehicle with passengers; it’s also about making sure that everyone in your car is going in the same direction, making the journey smaller and more cost-effective, and, most critically, ensuring that your personal riding experience isn’t harmed.

Carsea, a Karachi-based firm, offers just this service through their smartphone app.
It has the following features:

  • One-way journey
  • Fares per seat
  • Each ride caters to a certain gender.
  • All pickups are in close proximity to you and each other.
  • All drop-offs are on the route to or near your destination.
  • Payments are made in cash per ride.
  • Rides can be added to the offer at any time or scheduled to be added automatically.

If you possess a car or bike and use it on a regular basis, you may register it and submit your route using the elements listed above.

Carsea also encourages female drivers and passengers to carpool by enabling female drivers to choose just female passengers, ensuring that only female passengers see their proposed journey.

If you are a passenger looking for carpooling, on the other hand, you may find any driver in a couple of seconds.

The app will connect you with several drivers that share your route, and you may choose an offer based on your preferences and price range.

Unlike traditional pick-up and drop-off contracts, which are binding to both parties on a weekly or monthly basis, every booking with Carsea is paid instantly in cash as soon as the journey is over.

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