Pakistan is Now Third Largest Seller Country on Amazon

Just one year after Amazon allowed Pakistani merchants to use its marketplace, thousands of vendors from Pakistan joined it. There are now more vendors than in India, Vietnam, the UK, or Canada combined.

In May 2021, Amazon added Pakistan to the list of nations that are allowed to sell on its marketplace. The National e-Commerce Council, Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce, and Amazon reportedly started talking in 2020, as per local media sources. Adding Pakistan to Amazon’s list came as part of Pakistan’s first e-commerce policy a year earlier.

According to statistics from Marketplace Pulse, Pakistan is presently the third-most popular nation among new vendors that joined Amazon’s marketplace in the United States in 2022, according to Marketplace Pulse. America and China are at the top of the list.

Even while the thousands of Pakistani merchants pale in contrast to the two major markets, they outnumber all other nations on the globe, including export hotspots like India and close neighbors like Canada.

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