‘Never-Landing’ Aerial Cruise Hotel That Can Fly 5,000 Guests Goes Viral

Over 5000 guests will be carried by a nuclear-powered flying hotel dubbed “Sky Cruise.” Netizens were amazed after watching the floating hotel demo, which went viral. It represents the introduction of this idea to the global scene.

Twenty nuclear-powered engines will power the flying hotel, which will remain in the air at all times during the planned journey. A 360-degree view of the sky will be available to visitors in a vault on the jumbo jet. It will also have a magnificent entertainment deck with all kinds of comforts for leisure time.

The AI-piloted airplane can accommodate more than 5000 passengers. The product was designed by Hashem Al-Ghaili, a manufacturer from Yemen. The flying hotel’s launch has not yet been announced.

10 Important Facts About the Never-Landing Flying Hotel

  1. The Sky Cruise is a futuristic sky hotel that seeks to provide its visitors with the best possible travel experience.
  2. Throughout the course of its journey, the nuclear-powered hotel will float above the clouds and never touch down; even maintenance will be done in flight.
  3. The flying hotel can hold more than 5000 visitors.
  4. Its modern design blends elements of a commercial aircraft with the height of luxury.
  1. It has a large hall that gives visitors a 360-degree view of the sky.
  2. It also has an elevator that links the main entertainment deck to the panoramic hall.
  3. The main entertainment deck includes theatres, cinemas, swimming pools, restaurants, retail centers, and sports facilities.
  4. It also has a section specifically for planning events and business meetings.
  5. It also includes a wedding hall where a wedding can be held.
  6. Only clean nuclear energy is used to power the 20 electric engines of the flying hotel.


The flying hotel is a significant advancement in air travel and an effort to make fantasy a reality. Its precise debut date has not yet been disclosed.

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