Fuel Prices May Hike Up To Rs 16.89/Liter

The News has learned that domestic prices for petrol and diesel are expected to rise by Rs16.89 and Rs4.55 per liter, respectively, in the upcoming two weeks, excluding the Petroleum Levy (PL) and General Sales Tax (GST).

If the government imposes the PL of Rs. 10 per liter on diesel and petrol in addition to the GST, the price of diesel would skyrocket as of July 1, 2022.

Ex-depot fuel prices have been calculated at Rs238.44 for the following two weeks as opposed to Rs233.89 for the current two weeks, an increase of Rs4.55 per liter.

From July 1, 2022, the price of petrol would increase to around Rs290/liter if Rs10 PL and GST are included.

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