Students to Get Extra Marks for Learning CPR Training

The federal government is thinking of awarding bonus points to all students nationwide who successfully complete their CPR training.

Salman Sufi, the head of the PM’s Strategic Reforms Unit, asked the students on Twitter whether they would want 10 additional marks if they learned the life-saving technique of CPR.

For those without medical training, CPR is a life-saving method that keeps the body’s blood and oxygen flow continuing in the event that the heart and breathing cease.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif mandated earlier this month that CPR instruction be included in the curricula for all educational levels nationwide.

The action is a part of a bigger, soon-to-be-launched national CPR training initiative. Every person will get CPR training as part of the programme so they can help save lives in the time of an emergency.

After a video of a couple doing CPR on a kid who had drowned in Naltar Lake went viral on social media, the federal government decided to start the National CPR Training Initiative. In order to save the boy’s life, the husband gave him mouth-to-mouth breathing while the wife did chest compressions.

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