LOADe Pakistan’s First Complete Logistics & Delivery Ecosystem

The first comprehensive logistics and delivery ecosystem in Pakistan is provided by the ground-breaking company LOADe. In February 2022, the corporation will formally begin operating out of Karachi, Pakistan.

Fundamentally, LOADe was founded to provide an integrated solution to address various issues in a typically fragmented industry. Built not just for the best possible consumer experience, but also (over a relatively short period of time) for many business sectors needing logistics and delivery solutions, LOADe will assist in resolving supply and demand difficulties across the whole supply chain spectrum (i.e., from the harbor to the house). We are on a mission to expand opportunities, the customer experience, and our ability to give back to driver communities.

It is built using the most recent technological stack and operates across several platforms. With LOADe’s solution, companies and consumers can send even the smallest shipments through a single integrated platform while still transporting items securely (through containers).

Our application is integrated with live tracking, messaging, traceability, and different customer care engagement capabilities to provide comfort to all of our partners (i.e., companies, consumers, and drivers). To provide registered users with the utmost trust, data security and trackability are essential elements.

Within the logistics and delivery industry, LOADe is unusual in that it concentrates on transactions in all four categories (i.e., B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C). In order to provide nationwide coverage and extend to other locations, LOADe has developed an easy, scalable, and asset-light business strategy.

Our ecosystem offers chances for current service providers in the logistics and delivery industry to collaborate and adapt their offerings to the expanding demands of the tech-based market.

Undoubtedly, we want to develop LOADe into a company that works to improve a particular industry, and in order to achieve this goal, we are moving closer to a business model that truly transforms an industry and is supported by cutting-edge technology, a dedicated team, and a system that works for everyone involved.

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