NCOC Bans Hugs and Handshakes After Eid Prayers

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has released new instructions in an effort to control the resurgent coronavirus in time for Eid-ul-Azha, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus again in the country.

At the NCOC meeting that took place earlier today, the revised coronavirus SOPs were finalized. The conference evaluated the nation’s overall COVID-19 status and raised grave concerns about it.

All of the decisions made during the NCOC meeting earlier today are listed below:

  • Eid prayers must be done outside while complying with the 6-foot social distance rule and using a facemask.
  • To ensure a minimal number, Eid prayers at one location should be scheduled in several shifts at different times.
  • To reduce the risk of contracting a viral virus, the Eid sermon will be short.
  • To prevent crowding, there should be several access and departure points. There will be hand sanitizers provided at the entrance and exit locations.
  • Staying at home is advised for elderly adults, children under the age of 15, immunocompromised individuals, and other vulnerable adults.
  • Bring your prayer mat, do your ablution at home, and refrain from embracing or shaking hands after Eid prayers.

The NCOC has also encouraged the public to avoid crowding public spaces and to adhere to Coronavirus SOPs while distributing meat, in addition to the SOPs for congregational Eid prayers.

However, after the National Institutes of Health (NIH) identified 653 new cases of COV-19 earlier today, Pakistan’s national coronavirus positive percentage fell to 3.45 percent.

As a result of the NIH’s confirmation of 675 more cases and 2 fatalities brought on by the coronavirus on Monday, the country’s positive rate was 4.61 percent.

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