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UAE’s first Indoor Dog Gym Opens in Abu Dhabi

UAE’s first Indoor Dog Gym Opens in Abu Dhabi

Dogs were taken by their owners to the UAE’s first gym of its type to help enhance their fitness and health and ran side by side on two treadmills.

Mansour Hamadi came up with the concept for the indoor dog gym after seeing that more UAE residents were having trouble keeping their dogs happy during the sweltering summer months.

Dog owners from all over the UAE bring their animals to Hamadi’s gym in Abu Dhabi, where the canines exercise on treadmills that are made only for canines.

“The plan was to provide all types of dogs a healthy gym… Finding a nice place to exercise the dogs in the summer was my issue, according to Mansour, owner of Posh Pets Boutique & Spa.



Canines run on a mechanical treadmill for 15 minutes at their own speed while adhering to prescribed safety precautions while wearing a harness linked to a spring system.

To guarantee that the dog’s muscles can adequately adapt to using the equipment at longer intervals, the training time is gradually increased on each visit.

Hamadi keeps the dogs and their owners happy by providing a secure and encouraging environment, making them want to return for each session.

A customer at Posh Pets named Mohammed Hamid Bilbeisi stated, “(The dog) gets so thrilled, the moment he exits the car, he remembers the area and begins going toward it, he feels safe here.”


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