Pak Suzuki Unveils Hybrid Wagon R at Pakistan Auto Show [Pictures]

On the first day of the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022, Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) was the center of attention. Wagon R Stingray Hybrid was the vehicle that attracted the most significant interest at Suzuki’s display.

Pak Suzuki Unveils Hybrid Wagon R at Pakistan Auto Show [Pictures]

It has a mild hybrid system, a CVT automatic transmission, and a 660cc naturally aspirated engine. It is a supermini MPV. It produces 52 horsepower (hp) and 65 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque and has a fuel efficiency of 18 to 26 liters per kilometer, according to data from several auto news sources.

According to PSMC, it showcased the Stingray to test the public’s interest before deciding whether or not to launch the vehicle. The business continued by saying that it aimed to be a pillar in Pakistan’s progression of mobility.

Other Vehicles

The Every Minivan and the XL7 Crossover SUV were among the other new exhibition cars, and both attracted a lot of interest. The Suzuki Every is the replacement for the Bolan, and the Honda BR-main V’s rival is the XL7.

The XL7 had also been installed by the corporation as a sample unit, and its introduction would also be based on public opinion. A corporate representative, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the corporation would soon debut the new Every in Pakistan as a substitute for Bolan.

PSMC’s Managing Director, Masafumi Harano, stated during his speech at the ceremony that the company is delighted to usher in a new era of transportation in Pakistan.

When it comes to our consumers, our priority is to upgrade their lifestyles through our products and move them toward a premium offering.

With additional new automobiles on display on day two, PSMC’s exhibition will be a fascinating sight. Keep checking back to as we bring you to live coverage of the Pakistan Auto Show in 2022.

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