Former PM Imran Khan’s Official Instagram Account Hacked

According to reports, the former prime minister and leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Official Insaf’s Instagram account has been hacked. The account has 7.4 million followers and more than 13,000 posts.

The former premier’s Twitter account published an image of a tweet from Elon Musk, the creator of SpaceX, Tesla, and Bitcoin.

PTI hasn’t yet provided an official statement. Imran Khan’s supporters are instructed not to reply to any unusual posts in the meantime.

Imran Khan’s official account intermittently shares the same screenshot of an Elon Musk Tweet.

The hacking of a major PTI leader’s social media account has happened twice in the last week.

Asad Umar, the secretary general of the PTI and a former minister of federal planning had his Twitter account hacked last week. After many hours, the account was located.

Hammad Azhar, a former energy minister, had his email, Apple ID, and Twitter accounts hijacked in May of this year.

Hammad claimed that his phone and Twitter accounts had been hacked by the current federal administration. He claimed that his phone was connected to and his text messages and data were accessed via a phone finder (fake tower). The hacker then started sending reset requests to his Twitter account, Apple ID, and email.

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